As delegates to the 15th Biennial Convention of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) we ask you to choose a progressive vision to forward the trade union movement in this province. As the politics of hate try to divide Ontarians, choosing Vision Forward is a vote to unite the labour movement around progressive ideas and solutions that center on benefiting working-people. The Vision Forward for your OFL includes:

Stopping Conservative Cut-backs—We know that conservative governments try to blame workers for their short-comings and are the first ones attacked by regressive policies. Uniting Ontario workers to fight the conservative austerity agenda is the Vision Forward!

Building Local Capacity—The vision for a progressive Ontario starts in our local communities where workers and neighbours discuss the issues most important to them. Building the capacity for local communities to the set the agenda for progressive change is the Vision Forward!

Organizing to Win—Countering the rising tide of hate in our province by establishing a Rapid Response Network to promptly mobilize solidarity actions in defense of working people is the Vision Forward!

Creating Safe Space—Ensuring that the OFL is a safe and inclusive space that encourages the voices of diversity and trade-union innovation is the Vision Forward!

Stopping Doug Ford—Mobilizing the resistance against Doug Ford to ensure his government does not achieve a second term in office is the Vision Forward!

With the Vision Forward team in your corner the OFL will be central in setting the progressive agenda for all working-Ontarians!

In Solidarity,

Team Vision Forward


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