Here’s what the Ontario labour movement is saying about Team Moving Forward’s leadership.

  • “Over the last two years, Chris Buckley has strengthened and moved the OFL forward. His inclusive leadership style has brought Ontario’s unions and labour leaders together. He has been an unwavering advocate for workers and unions at the Executive table, at Queen's Park, and on picket lines. That's why I'm supporting him for OFL President.”

    Sam Hammond ETFO President
  • “I have been a member of the OFL Executive Board for the last five years. There have been a few tumultuous years while I’ve been a part of the board. Two years ago, we were in serious financial difficulties, and the house of labour was divided. Two years later, under the leadership of the current executive, we are in a much better financial position, and the house of labour is reuniting. I believe this executive has proven that they can get the job done, and I fully support their effort to continue the work that they have begun.”

    Cindy Dubue OSSTF / FEESO Vice President
  • “Ontario has a large, complex, and diverse labour movement. As a result, we need an OFL President who can build unity, solidarity, and a sense of common purpose, while still welcoming a range of views. It’s a position that requires diplomacy, focus, and very strong leadership. Chris Buckley has these qualities. As the USW Director of Ontario, I have witnessed Chris’s pragmatic approach to issues, concerns, and suggestions about how the OFL can continue to improve going forward. Due to these qualities and attributes, the USW endorses Chris Buckley for re-election as OFL President. Chris is a proven leader who has brought the OFL from its most challenging days to the efficient, effective, and united federation that it is today.”

    Marty Warren USW District 6 Director – Ontario & Atlantic Canada
  • It is with humility and honour that I endorse the Moving Forward team of Chris Buckley, Patty Coates, and Ahmad Gaied for the leadership of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

    Over the last two years, I have engaged with Chris Buckley during public consultations on the Ontario Anti-Racism Directorate, and with Patty Coates at numerous demonstrations for workers’ rights. Both officers have represented workers in Ontario with great integrity and effectiveness, and that is why I fully support their re-election to the OFL Executive Board.

    As Executive Vice President, Ahmad Gaied has represented both public and private sector workers on a multitude of issues. Most recently, when a non-unionized worker contacted me seeking help after losing a finger in a workplace accident, I put them in touch with Ahmad, who immediately utilized the resources of the OFL on this worker’s behalf.

    Ahmad has shown that he is an effective labour leader, and I support his re-election as Executive Vice President of the OFL.

    Mark Brown CBTU Executive Board Member & CUPW Member
  • “It is rare to come across a leader who is able to connect with so many workers. I have worked with Ahmad on a number of initiatives through the OFL and the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists (CBTU). He played a major role in organizing activists to persuade the provincial government to create an Anti-Racism Directorate and also lobbied for a minimum wage increase that will soon become law. With Chris, Patty, and Ahmad at the helm, Team Moving Forward are taking the Ontario labour movement in the right direction. They are working to ensure that people of colour have a fair opportunity to participate in the workforce. And there is renewed unity and solidarity in the labour movement because of their leadership.”

    Megan Whitfield CUPW Local Union President
  • “Since his election in 2015, Ahmad Gaied has proven to be a progressive, effective, and dedicated leader. I was so happy to hear that he decided to run for another term as Executive Vice-President, along with the Moving Forward team of President Chris Buckley and Secretary-Treasurer Patty Coates. After working with Ahmad on the OFL Workers of Colour Committee, I witnessed his dedication to the labour movement through his thorough reports, engagement with each committee member, and his genuine appreciation and support of our committee’s work. In addition, Ahmad regularly attends rallies for worker and social justice issues, supporting various campaigns and championing the rights of the province’s most vulnerable and precarious workers. He has great leadership skills and continuously fights to break down barriers for the disenfranchised. With the support of his team, he has made the OFL a progressive and responsive organization, and he’s not done yet! I am honoured and proud to support Ahmad’s candidacy, as well as the entire Moving Forward team, and I encourage all delegates at the OFL Convention to do the same.”

    Felicia Samuel Elementary Teachers of Toronto Executive Officer
  • “Ahmad Gaied is an intelligent, well-spoken, and inspiring leader. If we are going to build a stronger labour movement, and include the voices of young workers while doing so, Ahmad is the leader who will get us there. His capacity to connect with young workers has been instrumental in garnering broad support for campaigns regarding universal access to post-secondary education, the fight for a $15 minimum wage, and the Make It Fair initiative. To continue making the gains needed to achieve a decent future for young workers, I am supporting Ahmad and his entire team so that we can keep moving forward!”

    Rechev Browne UFCW Local 1006A Activist & Steward
  • “Ahmad’s tireless dedication to the labour movement and the working people of Ontario is inspiring. He is a strong advocate for young workers across our province. He encourages young workers to become more involved in their union, and as a result, he has given us a voice within the labour movement. His steadfast commitment to the “Make It Fair” campaign has ensured that the Ontario government has heard workers’ demands for changes to the employment standards and labour laws in this province. As OFL Executive Vice-President, Ahmad’s leadership in standing up for and improving the rights of all workers has been exemplary. He is the kind of leader we want. He is the kind of leader the labour movement needs. I fully support Ahmad as Executive Vice President of the OFL, as he will ensure that workers in Ontario are treated with fairness and dignity.”
    Adriana Liese UFCW Local 1006A Activist & Steward
  • “I am honoured to support Brother Chris Buckley’s re-election as President of the Ontario Federation of Labour. By providing space and engaging with all affiliates to once again unite our movement, Chris’s leadership has helped the OFL overcome a difficult period. I know Chris will continue this work of solidarity-building as Ontario’s unions prepare for the challenges ahead and continue to advance the interests of working people.”

    Sharon DeSousa PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President, Ontario
  • “Patty has demonstrated tremendous passion and commitment towards improving the lives of working families, and she also has a solid track record in advancing women's equality. Patty has done it all. And in all that she does, she exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. We need to re-elect Patty as Secretary-Treasurer of the OFL. She has my vote, and I encourage everyone else to vote for her as well.”

    Mina Amrith SEIU Healthcare Executive Board Women's Representative
  • “It is with great gratitude and appreciation that I am endorsing Chris Buckley for OFL President. In just one term, he has managed to bring together the labour movement in Ontario to once again function as a team.

    Since his election, Chris has been at the forefront of crucial issues across the province. When formulating a position and initiating a response he has always gone through the inclusive process of discussing with affiliates first. We have never been delayed in taking a social or political action, resulting in many gains for workers, their families, and their communities across Ontario. Under Chris’s leadership, the OFL has thrived. I feel privileged to endorse him.”

    Naureen Rizvi Unifor Ontario Regional Director
  • “Over the last two years I have had the pleasure of working with Patty Coates on issues centered on achieving economic justice for women. Patty demonstrates tenacity and a bold vision when it comes to closing the gender pay gap, ending violence against women, and ensuring that all families have access to quality child care. Patty exemplifies conscientiousness in her duties as the Secretary-Treasurer at the OFL. She is also an active particpant in the Equal Pay Coalition strategy and plans meetings and round tables with government to advance equity policies for all. I encourage you to support Patty to continue serving as Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario Federation of Labour.”

    Carrie Lynn Poole-Cotnam CUPE Ontario Social Services Sector Chair
  • “ The Moving Forward team represents the kind of leadership that the OFL needs -  grassroots activism, tireless advocacy that puts equity first, and a deeply held-commitment to improve the lives of all working people in Ontario. With vision and immense skill, Chris Buckley, Patty Coates, and Ahmad Gaied have achieved great results while bringing the federation together. It is because of their dynamic combination of experience and diversity that the Ontario labour movement is stronger, and I am proud to extend my full support for this leadership team.”

    Jerry Dias Unifor National President
  • “I am honoured to be supporting Patty Coates for re-election as Secretary-Treasurer of the OFL. Patty has handled her first term with great vision and confidence and has helped move the federation forward. She deserves another term as the steward of our collective resources.”

    Candace Rennick CUPE Ontario Secretary-Treasurer
  • “I am proud to endorse Chris Buckley for re-election, as he has provided tremendous leadership in his first term as President of the OFL. Under Chris’s guidance, the Ontario labour movement has grown stronger and is now more united than ever. With Buckley’s leadership, we have seen positive changes to the Employment Standards Act and Labour Relations Act for the first time in many years. Chris has also fought for good jobs, improvements to health and safety standards, equity for all, and advancing women’s rights, and he is a strong voice for workers in Ontario.”

    Dan Borthwick Unifor Local 88 President
  • “I’ve worked with Sister Patty Coates for over a decade. At every step of the way, Patty has fought tirelessly for women’s rights, equity, and social justice. As a former labour council president, Patty understands the importance of grassroots activism. She continues to bring her passion, experience, and dedication to workers’ rights and women’s issues to her work with the OFL. It is my honour and privilege to support and endorse Patty Coates for re-election as Secretary-Treasurer of the OFL.”

    Jessica Burnie OSSTF District 17 TBU Officer – Grievance
  • “I am proud to endorse Chris Buckley for re-election as President of the OFL. OECTA is very impressed with Chris’s work in navigating difficult issues, bringing Ontario’s labour movement together, and fighting for ground-breaking labour law reforms.

    As President, Chris has shown incredible leadership in helping to develop consensus on goals and plans of action for Ontario’s unions. Key affiliates have been brought back on board, and the federation has solidified its position as a respected voice for Ontario workers. We have also advanced public conversations about precarious work, equity, health and safety, and more.

    The Catholic Teachers appreciate Brother Buckley’s commitment to encouraging mutual respect among Ontario’s unions and supporting affiliates when they need it. We look forward to continuing our work with the Moving Forward team over the next two years.”

    Liz Stuart OECTA President
  • “I am proud to support the Moving Forward team for re-election to the OFL Executive. President Chris Buckley, Secretary-Treasurer Patty Coates, and Executive Vice President Ahmad Gaied have shown great leadership over the last two years and have been instrumental in increasing the influence and stability of the federation. This committed team has worked hard to support the needs of Ontario workers, and I know they will continue to move the labour movement forward by fighting for good jobs, workplace safety, and progressive legislation that ensures a brighter future for all workers.”

    Harvey Bischof OSSTF / FEESO President
  • “Patty Coates is an incredibly strong leader and activist who is committed to the labour movement and is not afraid to tackle tough issues. Working with the OFL’s Solidarity and Pride Committee, Patty’s passion for fighting for LGBTQI rights and advocacy work within the LGBTQI community is extraordinary. She is an incredible ally and progressive voice for unity, equity, and inclusion, prioritizing equality and diversity as central to the future of unions and the labour movement overall. I am proud to support Patty in her bid for re-election as Secretary-Treasurer of the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL).”

    Chandra-Li Paul IATSE Local 411 Business Agent
  • “I've known Ahmad for many years, and he has proven to be a hard worker. We have consistently counted on him and he has never let us down. He has helped build relationships between communities and Labour. I have seen him assist at CBTU Summer camps and participating in many community actions and demos in support of workers.

    He is a strong young leader who mobilizes young workers and is approachable and charismatic. Ahmad has all the qualities you need in a leader. I fully support his Candidacy.”

    Abdi Hagi Yusuf Secretary-Treasurer
    C.U.P.W, Toronto Local
    Co-Chair of Somali Workers Network
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