Action Plan

The OFL standing committees are a vital part of activist engagement in the direction and activities of the federation. Over the last two years, Team Moving Forward has revitalized the OFL’s standing committees by ensuring that they meet regularly and are relevant and effective. We have also worked to ensure that the standing committees make recommendations regarding the policies and direction of the OFL, particularly as they relate to the federation’s legislative and campaign agendas.

With respect to labour councils, Team Moving Forward believes that strong, diverse, and active labour councils are an important part of community-based, grassroots labour activism, as they bring together union members at the local level. Recognizing that even stronger relationships between labour councils and the OFL help build the labour movement, we have successfully integrated reporting on labour council activities into OFL communications, and have also worked with national and provincial unions to encourage locals to participate in local labour councils.

Going forward, we hope to continue our work in developing the federation’s standing committees and strengthening the OFL’s relationship with local labour councils, as both are essential to advancing workers’ rights in Ontario.