Action Plan

Advancing workers’ interests in the 2018 Election

If re-elected, Team Moving Forward will advance workers’ interests in the upcoming Ontario provincial election by pushing the major political parties to firmly commit to improving working conditions and employment standards for all workers in Ontario.

In the lead-up to the 2018 election, we will be travelling across the province to hear from workers and their families and to learn more about the issues that working Ontarians would like to see addressed by their government.

We will also be campaigning to ensure that decent work, job security, and a better future for young workers are key priorities for Ontario’s next government.

Fighting to keep public services and assets in public hands

Team Moving Forward believes that privatization is a job-killer and that labour has a significant role to play in opposing the sale of public services and assets. Accordingly, we will continue our fight to keep public services, resources, and assets in the hands of working Ontarians to ensure that these resources remain public and accessible to all.

Free tuition for all post-secondary students in Ontario

With student debt now at a historic high in Ontario, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to pay off their debt when they graduate, especially if they work a precarious job. That is why Team Moving Forward plans to lobby the Ontario government to make post-secondary education free and accessible for everyone. While the government has taken steps to reduce tuition fees and improve access to grants for low- and middle-income families, college and university remain out of reach for far too many students in this province. So we will be pushing for free post-secondary education for all students in Ontario if re-elected to the OFL Executive Board.