Building the OFL’s political influence

Since being elected to the OFL Executive Board in 2015, Team Moving Forward has worked hard to build the OFL’s influence both at Queen’s Park and among the public.

Through our campaign and lobbying work, political activism, and relationship-building over the last two years, we have succeeded in bringing workers’ voices and concerns straight to the halls of power, and ensuring that the issues affecting workers and their families are at the forefront of Ontario’s political discussions. In doing so, we have managed to win a number of important legislative gains.

Restoring the OFL’s political influence was a key commitment of our team in 2015, and we have delivered on that promise in the years since. As a result, the OFL is stronger than it has been in a generation, and the issues that we are fighting for as a labour movement are now top-of-mind for average working Ontarians.

Bill 148 – Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act

Bill 148 is a great example of the concrete reforms that the OFL, under the leadership of Team Moving Forward, has won through our lobbying, political action, and community engagement work.

When the province announced that it would be reviewing Ontario’s labour laws and standards for the first time in over 20 years, we seized this once-in-a-generation opportunity to engage the province on how we could make our labour laws fairer and more responsive to the needs of working families. 

Working together with our affiliates, the OFL played a critical role in persuading the government to boost the minimum wage, mandate equal pay for equal work, increase vacation and personal leave entitlements, enhance union rights for certain sectors, and provide more stable scheduling requirements through Bill 148. These gains will not only benefit unionized workers – they will also help countless non-unionized workers across Ontario.

At the same time, Team Moving Forward recognizes that much more needs to be done to protect workers who face precarious working conditions and who are struggling to get by. That is why, going forward, we will continue to push the government to enact further reforms to ensure that all workers are fully protected under the law and are able to enjoy a good quality of life.

Ontario’s Anti-Racism Directorate

Under the leadership of Team Moving Forward, the OFL played a leading role in helping to create Ontario’s first-ever Anti-Racism Directorate, which is tasked with building a more inclusive society and working to identify, address, and prevent systemic racism in government policy, legislation, programs, and services.

Working together with our committees and various community groups, we also put forward a submission to the province outlining the issues that we as a labour movement would like to see addressed by the directorate over the next three years. Those issues include combating systemic racism in government ministries and developing a strategic plan for fighting racism as it relates to employment, among other measures.

This work is part of our ongoing efforts to tackle racism, hatred, and bigotry in Ontario. With Team Moving Forward at the helm, the OFL is sending a clear message that hatred in all of its forms is not welcome in our workplaces or communities.