Paid Leave for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Because domestic violence affects the lives of workers both on and off the job, and because unions have an important role to play in supporting survivors of domestic abuse, challenging domestic violence, and ensuring that employers live up to their obligations, the OFL has been very active in raising awareness of this issue among employers, government officials, and the public.

Over the last two years, the federation has developed a comprehensive bargaining guide outlining actions that unions can take to address domestic violence through collective agreements.

The OFL has also worked with MPP Peggy Sattler to bring forward legislation, known as Bill 26, that would provide victims of domestic and sexual violence with 10 days of paid leave to recover from abuse. The bill has passed Second Reading and, if re-elected to the OFL Executive Board, Team Moving Forward will be lobbying and campaigning extensively to ensure that Bill 26 becomes law.