Restoring Financial Stability and Transparency at the OFL

In 2015, OFL Convention delegates gave us a mandate to restore financial stability and transparency at the federation, and we have successfully achieved that goal.  

Financially, Team Moving Forward has put the federation back on solid footing by taking a hard look at our books, as well as our financial practices and policies, to ensure that we are using acceptable accounting practices. Welcoming new affiliates and convincing various unions to reaffiliate with the OFL have also helped to bolster the federation’s finances. In addition, we have hired a chartered accountant and bookkeeper to oversee our finances and ensure that the OFL is operating in a transparent manner.

Thanks to these measures, the federation is now financially stable and administratively strong. If re-elected, we will continue to strengthen the OFL’s finances, work to welcome new affiliates, and pursue additional reforms aimed at improving transparency and accountability at the federation.

Developing the OFL Executive Committee

At our last convention, Team Moving Forward promised to create an Executive Committee comprised of OFL executive officers, national and provincial unions, labour councils, and union activists. Since then, we have delivered on that promise by establishing and working with the OFL Executive Committee to streamline the federation’s finances, reform our administration, and engage with our affiliates on the issues that matter most to workers and their families. Going forward, we hope to further develop this strong working relationship to continue serving the needs of affiliates and their members.

Uniting Ontario’s labour movement

After receiving a mandate to reunite the Ontario labour movement at the 2015 OFL Convention, Team Moving Forward has worked diligently to bring Ontario’s unions together by welcoming several affiliates – including the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU), SEUI Healthcare, and the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) – back into the OFL.

We have also succeeded in building the federation’s relationships outside of labour by engaging with community and non-profit organizations to determine how we can best support and work with them to advance workers’ rights.

By taking this approach, Team Moving Forward has strengthened the OFL’s capacity to fight for better working and living conditions for all Ontarians, and we hope to continue this important work over the next two years.